All participants will receive the link to the Poster Wall of RaAM14 by the e-mail address they used to register for the Conference.

Requirements for poster presentations

To make a virtual poster and upload it to the Poster Wall of RaAM14, please follow these steps:

1. Prepare your poster on a single PowerPoint slide.

You can search for online instructions on how to create a poster on a single PowerPoint slide.

2. Record your poster presentation in full screen with Loom.

If you haven’t used Loom before, sign up for a free basic account (for both Mac and Windows) and record  yourself while presenting your poster slide.

The video must be up to 3 minutes.

Here you can find a video tutorial of how to record a PowerPoint presentation (but note that you will record a presentation of a single slide in full-screen).

For a more general idea about LOOM, look here

3. Upload your video to the Poster Wall on Padlet.

The link to the Poster Wall of RaAM14 has been sent to all poster presenters. Please, create a Padlet account if you do not have one; otherwise, you will be displayed as “Anonymous”.

When you open the link, you will see a red plus sign in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on it and you will see several options how to upload your poster: as a video from your computer or as a link to your video given by Loom. The easiest way is to copy a link to your video in Loom and paste it in Padlet.

Your poster will automatically appear on the Wall when it is approved by the moderator. If you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us

We are waiting for your poster to appear on the Poster Wall till June 14, 2021.

4. Let’s metaphor on the Poster Wall!

Please note that only registered delegates of RaAM14 will have a link to the Wall and will be able to comment on your poster.

Follow the comments, react, discuss, explore, and enjoy!

If you want to comment on a poster video, but you do not have a Padlet account, your comment will be anonymous. Please, do not forget to put your name before your comment!