The RaAM14 Conference Poster Prize will be awarded to the best poster presented. This prize is sponsored by the Faculty of Philology at Vilnius University.

Winner selection

Judges have been appointed by the Local Organizing Committee to evaluate the posters of
candidates during the conference. The LOC ensures that judges are not connected with the candidate’s research (e.g. as supervisor, co-supervisor or ex-supervisor).

During the conference, each judge will independently assess the candidate’s presentation
on a scale of 1–35, based on the following equally-rated


Is adequate and relevant background to the research topic provided?

Research Objectives
Are the objective(s) of the research clearly communicated?

Are appropriate methods used to address the research problem(s)?

Are the findings clearly presented?

Contribution and Innovation
Are the contributions innovative and aligned with the RaAM vision of applying metaphor research to the real world?

Poster Design
Easy to follow, appropriate language, effective use of figures and illustrations, etc.

Oral Presentation
Does the presenter provide a relevant and informative introduction to the research outlined in the poster?

The judges will individually rate each poster, and their results will be collated to
determine the winner. The award will be given to the candidate with the highest total score from the different judges. The winner of the RaAM14 Poster Prize will be
announced during the conference closing.